Pooches in the News – Fox 4 News Kansas City

Pooches was on Fox 4 Morning News, check out the video.

Car Travel Tips for Your Pet

  • Visit the vet prior to leaving
  • Ensure your pups are wearing tags on their collar
  • Consider micro-chipping your pooch, its cheap and an easy way for people to identify your pet
  • Know where the emergency vet clinics are in your destination area
  • Always pack a few extra days food, bottled water, waste bag
  • Stop a restless pooch by investing in seatbelt or crate

Plane Travel Tips for Your Pet

  • Have copies of your pups vaccination records
  • Carry picture of your pet
  • Book direct flights
  • Purchase USDA approved shipping crate
  • Write ‘live animal’ on crate
  • Line crate bottom with bedding (paper, blanket, or something soft)
  • November 1, 2012
  • News

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