We provide a safe & fun setting for your dog while you are away. Our personalized service and dog loving staff provides peace of mind when your leave you dog in our care!

All dogs staying overnight at our resort play all day long in daycare with 2 scheduled nap times.  Additionally, we provide our resort guests with a late night bathroom break before retiring for their sleep over.

We offer five large 5’x6’ Suites, numerous spacious 3’x6’ or 4’x4’ Cabanas, or 3’x3′ Small Dog Oceanview Condos. Charges are based on weight and accommodation size.  Dogs 40lbs and under can board in our Oceanview Condos, or they may opt for a larger Cabana.  Dogs 40lbs and over stay in our Cabanas.  A full day of daycare is included in the price. If our Cabanas and Condos are booked up, fear not, we have plenty of spacious crates for those last minute pups.

Pickups after 7pm will be charged a full boarding day.


Boarding Checklist – What To Bring

We encourage our clients to bring the following items to make their dogs stay as pleasant as possible, however the items are not required.

    • Food in an air tight container, such as a resealable bag or plastic storage container.
    • Any treats, chew proof toys or bones your dog enjoys
    • A blanket that they sleep on while at home or an article of clothing that smells like you [no underwear please!  🙂 ]

Resort Accommodations & Charges

    • For the spoiled, gigantic, or pups that need more room
    • 5′ x 6′
    • $48 per night
    • Additional dogs: +$38 per dog

    • 40lb and up
    • Sizes are 3′ x 6′  or  4′ x 4′
    • $43 per night
    • Additional dogs: +$34 per dog

    • Ocean view
    • 3′ x 3′
    • $38 per night
    • Additional dogs: +$30 per dog
    • 40lb and under

Very large dogs or dogs that want to be spoiled can get the Suite at Pooches Paradise dog boarding.
Suite – Best for pups that want to be spoiled or for giant pups over 100lbs
The Cabana at Pooches Paradise is comfortable for boarding most dogs from small to large breeds.
Cabana – Good for pups 5lbs to 120lbs












The Oceanview Condo at Pooches Paradise is available for smaller dog under 40 pounds.
Oceanview Condo – Set up for Small Dogs under 40lbs


All dogs need to be temperament tested prior to boarding or attending daycare. Please contact us to schedule a temperament test appointment for your Pooch. All dogs must be current on all vaccinations according to our vaccination requirements.

See Our Requirements