Spa Treatment & Grooming

Professional Grooming

Is your dog having a bad hair day…or month?  Then it’s time for a professional grooming appointment.  Grooming includes a bath, blow out, hair cut, nail trim, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning.  Grooming is by appointment only, so contact us by phone at (816) 361-3388 or email at

Resort Bath

Time for a “spa day” with a bath, nail trim, or ear cleaning?  Pooches is happy to provide daycare and resort guests with wonderful spa services performed by our trained staff.

Our basic Resort bath includes a nail trim, ear cleaning and perfume spritz.

Resort Bath Charges

Weight Price
Under 30 lbs $20
30-60 lbs $25
61-80 lbs $30
80-100 lbs $40
100+ lbs $50

A La Carte

    • Nail Trim
    • $9

    • Ear Cleaning
    • $3

All dogs must be current on all vaccinations according to our vaccination requirements.

See Our Requirements