Virtual Training

Our new Virtual Training Program makes training easy from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you have the capability to chat. Appointment times are flexible to accommodate a busy schedule.

We are able to provide help with general training cues and manners, behavioral help, socialization, separation anxiety, preparing for a new baby, managing your dog around company and houseguests, and preparing for a new puppy or dog.

Our Virtual one on one training sessions are offered via Zoom.

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I’ve been taking my 9 year old pup to Pooches for around two years. And we both love it! I recently added a new puppy to the family — and the digital consultations have been invaluable. They are kind, caring, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. Their advice and guidance on raising a puppy has been spot on. We look forward to continued digital and in-person training with the Pooches Paradise team!


Training Packages

We have designed our training packages to simplify your choice of services. Our goal is to teach you how to confidently train your dog, enjoy training, and gain reliable control.

Our trainers will strive to build better communication between you and your dog and also help you to gain a better understanding why your dog acts in different ways.

We believe in training a solid base of core skills and building from there. Core skills are sit, down (lay down), place/stay, walking without pulling, come, wait and proper greetings (both dogs and humans.)

Please note: if your dog has displayed aggression (lunging, growling, snapping, biting) to people, other dogs, or other animals, please email the trainer prior to selecting a package.

Accomplished Pooch Presentable Pooch Polished Pooch Proficient Pooch
The Accomplished Pooch is our most diverse package. We will train core skills and manners, both at home and in public. We can also do more intensive distraction work if your dog already has a good grasp of core skills. Interested in becoming a therapy dog team and volunteer and visit with your dog in nursing homes and hospitals? We will prepare both of you to become a certified therapy team. The Presentable Pooch is ideal to review and refine listening skills around distractions. We will focus on working in the area where your dog has the hardest time listening-at home, around other dogs and people, in the neighborhood, park and dog friendly places. This Polished Pooch is a great choice for the dog who needs to “polish up” their training skills or needs some light work on a specific behavioral issue. The Proficient Pooch is an excellent way to get started with a training package.
10-1 hour lessons-at home and in public 6-1 hour lessons-at home and/or in public 4 -1 hour lessons-at home and/or in public 3-1 hour lessons-at home and/or in public
Personalized training plan Personalized training plan Personalized training plan Personalized training plan
2-30 minute Virtual Training sessions 2-15 minute Virtual Training sessions 1-15 minute Virtual Training session N/A
Unlimited support via phone, text or email Unlimited support via phone, text or email Unlimited support via phone, text or email Unlimited support via phone, text or email
$1400.00 $700.00 $450.00 $300.00

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