What Makes Us Different?

We know you have options and below is what we think makes Pooches Paradise unique. We take the responsibility of your pooch’s safety and security very seriously. Our guiding light is to send every pup home better off than when they arrive. Our ultimate goal is to be a partner in your dog’s well-being and provide advice as well as guidance through the course of your relationship with Pooches Paradise.

Safety First

Safety and security is our top priority. Our playgroup size and staffing ratios are designed to ensure the utmost care of your four-legged friend. The trained staff at Pooches Paradise are always in the rooms while dogs are playing so they are never left unsupervised. The staff ensures that your dog is engaged in healthy play at all times and when signs of questionable or unacceptable play arise, the staff is ready to intervene to protect the well-being of all dogs involved.


The team at Pooches Paradise lives, eats, breathes and sleeps all things dogs. True canine lovers, most take it upon themselves to better their dog-based knowledge in addition to the countless hours and thorough training they receive. This dedication leads to a direct correlation between the experience your pooch has at our resort. We treat all dogs as if they are our own and love on them throughout the day and night!

Staff training

All Pooches Paradise employees undergo over 230 hours of hands on and classroom training before they interact with your pup. In addition, we have taken this a step further and trained all of our staff on pet first aid and CPR that is regularly updated with continuing education and reviews. Simply put, we set the bar high and our staff rises to the occasion.

Resort Amenities

Dogs are meant to roam. With over 15,000 square feet of play space, we offer one of the largest facilities in the KC Metro area. This ensures ample space for your pooch and room for un-ending frolicking with their friends. Climate control, water filtration, enhanced agility equipment, etc. are the standard for our guests.

Behavioral Team

The Pooches Paradise Behavioral Team was specifically formulated in response to the need (a) for ongoing development of staff canine behavioral education and training, (b) to lend focus and insight for behavioral concerns and resolutions, and (c) to create a comprehensive Temperament Test structure, including proficient assessment skills. This team has a combined 70 years of experience and are carefully chosen based on knowledge, handling of both human and dog communication skills. We strive to communicate with our clients and portray a genuine picture of your dog’s experience with us.

Professional Certification

Pooches Paradise is a member of the International Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA) – a professional trade association serving the pet care services industry and has received the IBPSA Risk Management & Safety Facility Certification and Infectious Disease Management Certification. In addition, we are member of The Professional Animal Care Certification Council. PACCC provides independent certification, using testing from industry-developed standards, to identify the premier professional animal care providers in the pet care industry. Lastly, Pooches Paradise, has taken the Off-Leash Safety Pledge, developed by The Dog Gurus to ensure above industry standards and safety.

Temperament Testing

Our temperament test process is rigorous and thorough and is designed to ensure a good fit for both your pup and for Pooches Paradise. Occasionally, a dog’s mentality and demeanor is not best suited for daycare or a boarding experience. In such cases, we will openly communicate this with you and recommended ways to strengthen the likelihood of success in the future.

Leash management

Drop off and pick up are a breeze as all leashes are organized and ready to go when you’re ready to come get your pup. This streamlined process ensures for a quick and accurate exchange that’s easy on you and your furry friend. We get to know our regulars and run back to get your dog when we see you!

Role call

Dogs are always accounted for and documented at Pooches Paradise. Each day a kennel supervisor takes attendance at 11:30 a.m., recording present pups. When coming inside from outdoor play, the outside yard is double checked for any stragglers, ensuring that each dog’s whereabouts are accounted for. Every dog is noticed and cared for; your furry pal is never left behind!

Snooze schedule

Sleep is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. All dogs are in a kennel at Pooches Paradise during nap time from 12:00-2:00 p.m. The staff makes sure that they are happy and comfortable so that each dog can relax and dream of treats and tummy rubs!

Organized setup

A staff member, that is not assigned to a room, goes around the facility cleaning, preparing lunches, and setting up runs with blankets and water. The facility at Pooches Paradise is always clean and orderly for your pup’s health and safety.

Climate control

It’s always a cozy 75 degrees in the climate-controlled kennels and play areas to guarantee the health and happiness of your dog. Your dog will never be cold in the winter or hot in the summer; your pup’s comfort is important to us!

Limited exposure to elements

Outdoor play becomes very limited once the temperature hits 80 degrees. As the heat can be dangerous to your pup, extra precaution is taken during the summer months when the temps are high. In contrast, pups are kept cozy during the winter months when mother nature is unbearable.