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At the Pooches Paradise Grooming Spa, our guests experience the relaxation and pampering of a resort bath or professional grooming experience in a calm and soothing atmosphere. Consistently ranked as Kansas City’s Best Dog Groomer, our professional grooming staff is experienced and dedicated to helping your pooch look and feel it’s best.

Packages and Services

Includes Price
Full service Groom bath, anal gland expression, nail trim, ear cleaning, blow out, brush out and full haircut $50/hr
Maintenance Groom bath, anal gland expression, nail trim, ear cleaning, blow out, brush out and light trim of the feet, face and sanitary trim $30 and up
Bath and Brush bath, anal gland expression, nail trim, ear cleaning, blow out and brush out $20 and up
PAWdicure nail trimming, dremel, pad trim (if needed), pad moisturizer and nail color $25
Seasonal/ Holiday Packages scented shampoo and conditioner with a full service grooming including matching fragrance and bandana/ bow $10 extra
Medicated Products per skin conditions/ allergies $10 and up

A La Carte

  • Nails – $11
  • Ear Cleaning – $5
  • Dremel – $5
  • Anal Glands – $20

Add Ons

Deshedding Service – $15 and up

This is an add on service to remove loose and shedding hair

Note: Shedding hair cannot be fully brushed out, there will still be light shedding after service

Teeth Brushing – $15

This is an add on service or a stand alone service. Using Tropiclean gel, we gently brush teeth and gums to keep the mouth clean and healthy.

(This service DOES NOT replace a dental cleaning given by a veterinarian.)

Nail Grinding – $5

This is an add on service for toenail trimming. This will round out the nail leaving a smooth edge while safely shortening the nail a bit more.

Medicated Finishing Spray – $3

This all natural yucca spray enhances the body’s production of its own cortisone, aiding in the relief of hotspots, itching, scratching, dermatitis and seborrhea. The natural peppermint oil used to sooth irritations also leaves a pleasant long lasting scent

Dog getting a bath
Dog being groomed
Kelli Heffron

Kelli Heffron
Spa Manager

Kelli has always had an affinity for all animals, however a true love of dogs led her to turn her passion into a career. She was offered the opportunity to learn the art of dog grooming and become certified as a professional pet stylist with a national pet company. Kelli went on to sharpen her skills and further her breed knowledge while working under a Certified Master Groomer. She has been grooming professionally for 13 years and landed at Pooches Paradise in 2013.

Kelli has had an auspicious career path since joining the Pooches Pack. She has been cross-trained for multiple positions including pet care technician, Level 3 daycare staff, front desk concierge and full-time groomer. Kelli conceptualized and has grown Pooches professional grooming program from its inception.

Kelli’s goal is to provide a personalized experience with every pet and create a relaxed and “at home” atmosphere where the dogs will truly enjoy their spa time. While she enjoys all facets of grooming, Kelli places a high priority on her ability to work with each dog and gain their trust. (She especially loves the fact the dogs don’t laugh at her when she sings to them!)

When she isn’t busy grooming dogs, Kelli enjoys going to the park with her 3 dogs, Dexter, Zora and Delta. She also loves to spend time at the lake fishing and relaxing in the peace of nature.

Lauren Naden

Lauren Naden
Professional Groomer

Growing up on a farm in Gardner, Kansas, is where Lauren’s passion for animals, especially horses, originated. This passion led her to compete in horse shows and rodeos from childhood and up into her teen years. She was very active in her local 4-H Equestrian Team and CYA (Christian Youth Rodeo Association). Lauren had a growing interest in horse training and behavior and was given her own horse to train at the age of 12. Horse training was definitely a family calling, as both Lauren’s mother and aunt were professional horse trainers. Lauren volunteered at an Arabian horse farm and helped to train the horses all through middle school.

Lauren’s family moved to Louisberg, Kansas while she was in high school, where she discovered another talent and field of interest-art. She began taking every art class offered at school, and some twice-just for fun! After graduation, Lauren held a couple of jobs and she became very unhappy, as she wasn’t working with animals. She began working in the grooming department of a large pet retailer as a bather. She became fascinated with grooming and would assist and watch the groomers. This cultivated into her career choice – being a dog groomer.

Lauren began searching for a trade school to learn how to become a professional dog groomer. She was successful in her search and attended and graduated from Epec, The Grooming Project. Lauren gives credit and appreciation to the program and teachers describing the whole experience as, “amazing.” She is very happy with her choice of career, as it allows her to live her dream-her love of dogs, and the art of grooming.

When Lauren is not grooming dogs, she enjoys everything about the outdoors, especially hiking and camping. She is also a part of a local performance troupe called The Infernal Fire Grind Circus. She performs professionally with fire props, for example a hula hoop, and breathing fire. She has been honing these skills for nearly 6 years.

Vaccination Requirements

Dogs must be current on all vaccinations. We require this documentation when your dog is brought in for grooming or spa services.