Pooches Paradise’s Daycare Program offers interactive play time for dogs of all ages, temperaments and energy levels. With two levels of play, our doggy daycare guests enjoy a safe, stimulating environment designed to improve each dog’s mental and physical health.

Our High-Energy Playroom is reserved for pups that enjoy an active environment and more constant play. The Low-Energy Playroom is designed for pups that prefer a calmer environment and more time for rest and relaxation.

Both playrooms are under constant supervision by our highly-trained staff. Our dog-savvy staff interacts with each guest by playing games, teaching obedience tasks, and providing love and attention throughout the day.

Top 3 Benefits of PP Daycare

Not all dog daycares are created equal.

  1. We focus on mental nourishment and physical enrichment.
  2. Not a franchise, chain or new kid on the block. A locally owned small business since 2005. We are for dog lovers, by dog lovers.
  3. Professional certification. One of the only facilities in KC to meet stringent operating and safety standards.

Daycare Charges

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*Pooches Paradise has a no refund policy. Please contact us for details.

Temperament Testing & Vaccinations

All dogs must be temperament tested prior to boarding or attending daycare. A temperament test allows us to gauge whether your pup will be able to safely play with our other guests. In addition, dogs must be current on all vaccinations. We require this documentation when your dog is brought in for a temperament test.