Pooches Paradise’s services are designed to provide physical enrichment and mental nourishment to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our guests. Your dog’s comfort and happiness is our priority, so we offer a variety of services to meet your needs.

Shepherd dog


Pooches Paradise is an all-inclusive pet resort that offers the ultimate dog boarding experience for our guests. As a boutique boarding and daycare center, our dog-loving staff provides personalized attention to each guest and offers you peace of mind knowing your pooch is well cared for while you are away.



Pooches Paradise’s daycare program offers interactive play time for dogs of all ages, temperaments and energy levels. With two levels of play, our guests enjoy a safe, stimulating environment designed to improve each dog’s mental and physical health.



At the Pooches Paradise grooming salon, our guests experience the relaxation and papering of a resort bath or professional grooming experience in a calm, soothing atmosphere. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping your pooch look and feel its best.



Training is an important part of a dog’s development and strengthens the bond between dogs and owners. Pooches Paradise offers obedience, agility and vocational dog training programs to build communication and responsiveness, plus give owners more control over their dog’s behavior.