Our pedigree of training is one of results. Knowing every dog has a story, so too, every dog’s path towards success is different. We firmly believe that canine training is not a one-size-fits all approach. We want to understand our client’s goal and objectives, determine a behavioral baseline, and craft the best program for your pup.

Nick & Stacie Langley

Private Lessons

Private Lessons – In Resort

Private Lessons are a great option for busy clients, dogs with specific behavior problems, owners with a particular goal in mind, dogs not suitable for classes, or aggressive/fearful dogs. Our trainer will meet with the client at Pooches Paradise for one-hour increments.

Pricing: $110 per hourly session

Pooches University

Daycare & Train

We know that it can be hard to live without your dog so as an alternative to the Board & Train program we offer training during daycare. The content of our Daycare & Training programs are similar to our Board & Train curriculum but you will pick your dog up each day. After dropping off your dog at our resort in the morning, our trainer will work on basic manners and/or behavior problems during the day and your dog will get a chance to play with their friends as well for increased socialization, then you will take your dog back home with you each night. We will provide you with a daily debrief of the day’s training so you can be consistent at home.

Daycare and Training is also excellent for dogs needing work on enrichment and social skills as we can offer safe, controlled interactions which will help build your dog’s confidence.

Prerequisite: Temperament Test
Pricing: $55 per day (plus the cost of daycare)

Board & Train

Our Board & Train option is unique in that it’s designed and specifically tailored for each guest based on client goals.  This is a true consultative approach and is often best suited for pups that may need a little more structure.  We believe an immersive environment allows us to gain the respect and trust of your dog, while engaging in daily socialization (daycare) and instilling the fundamentals of dog behavior.  This price excludes overnight boarding, but does incorporate daycare and direct, hands-on, 1-1 training with private sessions daily.

Pricing: $1,000 for one week; $2,000 for 4 weeks (price excludes boarding fees, based on pup size and accommodations)

Training Guide

Still not sure which class is right for you and your pooch?

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