Training is an important part of a dog’s development and strengthens the bond between dogs and owners. Pooches Paradise offers obedience, agility and vocational dog training programs to build communication and responsiveness, plus give owners more control over their dog’s behavior.

6-Week Training Classes

Pooches Paradise offers 6-week classes for obedience, agility and vocational training. View the Calendar for a current list of training classes and prices. If you do not see a class date scheduled, please let us know you are interested and often we can form a class from your inquiry. See class descriptions below.

Pooches University Daycare Education

The Daycare Education program complements the 6-week Training Classes and supports busy owners who want assistance in training their pooch. Dogs are dropped off at daycare on Training Class days for socialization and training. Our trainer works with the dog during the day, and the owner joins their pooch for class in the evening.

Prerequisite: Enrollment in Manners 101, Manners 202, Canine Good Citizen, Visiting Paws or Puppy classes.

Pricing: $40, plus the cost of daycare

Private Lessons – In Home or In Resort

Private Lessons are a great option for busy clients, dogs with specific behavior problems, owners with a particular goal in mind, dogs not suitable for classes, or aggressive/fearful dogs. Our trainer will meet with the client at a mutually agreed location for one-hour increments.

Pricing: $95 per hourly session or 4 hourly sessions for $360

Training While Boarding

The Training While Boarding program is specifically tailored to each guest based on client goals and trainer recommendations. The program includes daily training sessions, a daily report card, and two in-resort private lessons to educate the owner on how to maintain and effectively handle their pup at home.

Pricing: $40, plus the cost of boarding. Minimum investment is $200 in training.

Obedience Training

Manners 101*

This beginner class is ideal for rescue and shelter dogs, or for owners who want to communicate better with their pooch. Dogs will learn exercises such as come, controlled walking, sit, stay, wait, leave-it, down, and focused attention.

Prerequisite: None

Age: Minimum 4 months

Greyhound Manners 101*

This class is exclusive to greyhounds and covers the same topics as Manners 101.

Prerequisite: Must be a greyhound

Age: Minimum 6 months

Manners 202*

Take Manners 101 training to the next level by adding distractions and distance to your pooch’s basic skills.

Prerequisite: Manners 101 or comparable class

Age: Minimum 8 months

Manners 303*

Offered in the spring and fall, this public manners class is focused on helping you control your pup’s behavior while out in public.

Prerequisite: Manners 101, Manners 202 or comparable class. Requires instructor approval.

Age: Minimum 6 months

Canine Good Citizen Prep*

Do you want your pooch to earn the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen certification (CGC) or learn manners for appropriate greetings and socialization around distraction?

Prerequisite: Manners 101 or comparable class.

Age: Minimum 6 months

Canine Good Citizen Practice and Test

If your pooch is almost ready for the Canine Good Citizen Test, but needs a little polish, this option is for you. This 2-session course includes a practice session with a mock CGC test and then the actual test the following week. This course is held on two consecutive Saturday or Sunday mornings.

Requirements: Participants must attend both classes. Reservations required.

Rally 101

This course is an introduction to AKC Rally sport. It is a fun way to practice obedience exercises which will challenge your pooch, plus develop communication and teamwork. It is a natural progression after obtaining the Canine Good Citizen certification.

Prerequisite: Manners 101 or comparable class

Age: Minimum 6 months

Loose Leash Walking Class

This quick course is a 2-part class held on two consecutive Saturday mornings.

Requirements: Participants must attend both classes. Reservations required.

Agility Training

Agility 101

This fun, safe, non-competitive class will provide your dog the ability to learn four agility obstacles. You dog will experience the A-Frame, Pause Table, Weave Poles, and Tunnel. You and your pup will build confidence through work and develop better communication and understanding of each other.

Prerequisite: Manners 101 or equivalent

Ages: Minimum 1 year

Tricks 101!*

Do you want your pup to be more than just adorable? How about talented and adorable? This fun, positive motivation course helps bond you and your pooch through team building trick training.

Prerequisite: Puppy, Manners 101 or comparable class

Age: Minimum 6 months

Nose Work 101

This is a fun, urban-tracking class for those looking for a way to teach their dog to use their noses at the very basic level. The dogs will learn to scent and search using treats hidden in boxes. This activity is a great outlet for a dog’s mental stimulation.

Prerequisite: Manners 101 or comparable class

Age: need description

Vocational Training

Visiting Paws

For those interested in putting your dog’s talent towards therapy work, this course will prepare the handler and dog for volunteering with organization such as Reading Education Assistance Program (R.E.A.D.) or Pet’s for Life. Pooches Paradise will provide information on volunteer opportunities and testing.

Prerequisite: Manners 101 or comparable class with prior instructor approval.

Age: Minimum 18 months and in the handler’s home a minimum of 6 months.

*Daycare Education supplement available