The benefits of doggie daycare

As a dog owner, you view your pup as a part of the family and no one wants to leave their furry companion behind while they go to work. When Monday morning rolls around and it’s time to separate from your pooch, consider ditching the crate and dropping your furbaby off at doggie daycare.

Exercise and playtime

A doggie daycare can provide your playful pup with plenty of opportunities for mental and physical stimulation. Physical exercise gives dogs an outlet for their energy and can prevent behavioral issues that stem from boredom. Running around and playing lets dogs stretch their legs and also allows for supervised socializing.


Surrounded by other dogs, your pooch will be able to interact and develop social skills. The staff at Pooches Paradise is familiar with monitoring appropriate dog play and interpreting body language to avoid a potential scuffle between dogs. Your pup can make new furry pals which can lead to park playdates on the weekend.

Human contact

Dogs are pack animals and most prefer the company of others. At doggy daycare, dogs can get a belly rub and a scratch behind the ears throughout the day when they need a little extra TLC. The people who work here at Pooches love dogs so there is never an absence of love for your pooch. You can be assured that while you are away at work, your dog is getting a lot of attention.


Knowing that your dog is being cared for and loved lessens the dog-mom or dog-dad guilt of leaving your dog at home alone. Instead of rushing home after work to let your pup out or stressing when you have to work late, a doggie daycare can leave you with peace of mind that your canine companion is in good hands.

As dog owners ourselves, we know that you would prefer to be with your furry family member at all times of the day but when the environment doesn’t permit or when you have to be gone for an extended period of time, it’s one less thing to worry about knowing that your dog is happy and safe.