Why We Took the Dog Gurus Off-Leash Play Safety Pledge

For us, dogs are our family. So when you drop your dog off for daycare, you probably have the same goals as when you drop off your human kids at daycare: pups who are healthy, happy, nourished, stimulated, and tired at the end of their day.

But just like with human kids, when you get a bunch of dogs together off-leash it’s important that they are comfortable there, as well as emotionally and physically safe. We do a lot to ensure the that our daycare and boarding experience delivers on that. After all, we’re pet parents too and we know how it feels to drop your dog off somewhere for the day.

The Safety Pledge

We’re all about going the extra mile, which is why we also took the Dog Gurus Off-Leash Play Center Safety Pledge – we proudly commit that our dog daycare program has been designed for the safety of all dogs.

We’re proud of our focus on safety in our dog daycare program and felt the pledge was the perfect way to share that commitment with you. There are ten aspects listed in the pledge to operating a safe and fun off-leash play program. We are committed to continually strive to meet and exceed each one.

  1. Educate all staff on dog behavior and safe play management through a formal training program that includes continuing education.
  2. Provide climate controlled, physical play space that meets or exceeds industry baselines for size, material safety, and security.
  3. Establish dog health and management procedures focused on supporting the physical and emotional health of each dog.
    Require trained staff members to be physically present with the dogs 100% of the time when dogs are playing off-leash together.
  4. Meet or exceed industry baseline staffing ratios in all dog playgroups.
  5. Require benevolent leader techniques and human, non-invasive handling of dogs that allows enforcement of appropriate group play behaviors without physical manipulation of the dogs.
  6. Screen each new dog for off-leash play by introducing them individually to other dogs prior to accepting them for group play, and monitor all dog’s enjoyment of group play on a continuing basis.
  7. Assign dogs to playgroups matching age, size, and playstyle to keep play safe and fun for every dog.
  8. Communicate proactively, openly, and honestly with clients about all dog care concerns.
  9. Ensure ongoing compliance with this pledge by maintaining regular quality control checks of all items listed.

Keeping dogs safe during off-leash play was the driving factor in the development of the Off-Leash Play Pet Center Safety Pledge. Co-creators Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs (The Dog Gurus) have more than 30 years experience as operators and consultants in the dog daycare industry. The pledge recognizes pet care centers that focus on safety and invest in their programs. All of Pooches Paradise playgroups are overseen by our behavioral team and this group is led by Mary Sellaro, a 27-yr industry veteran and an American Kennel Club Good Canine Citizen evaluator.

Your dogs are our favorite part of what we do, so you have our commitment to their safety, nourishment, and happiness.